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We carry and install all lines of Commercial Flooring; Laminate, Vinyl, Commercial Carpeting.

At All Flooring Company, We Have The Best Flooring Options to Give Your House a Brand New Look. Visit Us Today To Catch A Glimpse Of Our Flooring Options.

Flooring Options to Consider When Listing Your House

When listing your property in the market, potential clients will pay more attention to the flooring.
Upgrading your flooring will give you an upper hand in the property market and attract high offers from
potential clients. Here are some flooring services we offer in Yonkers and beyond:

Hardwood flooring

This flooring option has a classic appearance and features the ability to be consistently refinished. The
hardwood is constructed from solid lumber, which is then milled to a specific width and thickness.
Hardwood flooring is a favorite to many homeowners due to the high ROI and the elegant appearance.

For the best outcome, hire one of our Yonkers based hardwood floor refinishing and repair contractors to aid in the installation of the hardwood floors.

Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring comes in handy as a cheaper option than hardwood flooring. Nevertheless, this flooring will imitate the hardwood elegance and timeless beauty of real hardwood.

Fiberboard materials and melamine resins are used in the manufacture of laminate flooring. The top laminate layer is a wood imprint to achieve an alluring appearance. Laminate floors are easy to maintain and can withstand high traffic, making them a favorite to many. Besides this, laminate floors are resistant to scratches and stains.

Tile flooring

Hardwood floors easily warp due to humidity in tropical and warm climates, and in such scenarios, tile flooring comes in handy. With tiles, different designs suit each room, achieving an alluring appearance easily. With tile flooring, you have many options, such as porcelain, marble, and stone. Before settling for tile flooring, choose the best texture that will rhyme with your house.

Porcelain Flooring

Potential homebuyers are attracted to durable floors. Over the years, porcelain has proven to be the most durable flooring material. Porcelain floors are also attractive, and the maintenance is easy. On the flip side, the porcelain material is quite expensive, but it will fetch a high ROI when listing your house. Wondering where you can access the above flooring options? Worry less, at All Flooring, we got you covered. Give us a call and order your ideal flooring material.

Flooring Repair & Refinishing

Even the best quality floors need a little maintenance every now and then. If you notice a lot of scratches or wear and tear on your current hardwood or laminate floors, consider hiring our hardwood floor refinishing and repair team in Yonkers. We’ll get your floors ready for a home sale or that big holiday gathering. Call us today to schedule a consultation!